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Everything You Need to Know for Visiting Dubai Dolphinarium
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About Dubai Dolphinarium

A unique, fascinating and interactive experience with the ocean’s most loved animals, Dubai Dolphinarium is here to put a smile on your face. One of the most loved tourist attractions in Dubai, the Dolphinarium gives you complete freedom to interact with the graceful dolphins and playful seals through various shows and activities. Get up close and personal with these beautiful creatures through the Dolphin and Seal Show. Watch their astounding movements as they hop, sing, dance, paint and jump through hoops. Not only this, you can also engage with the exotic birds in the Creek Park Bird Show as they swoop and glide in the air as well as learn about the habitat and behaviour of these intelligent creatures. Probably, one of the most attractive experiences of the park is swimming with the dolphins in the Dolphin Planet Swim With Dolphins activity. You can even dance, belly ride and hug these incredible mammals in the activity.

An animal-based family entertainment attraction, Dubai Dolphinarium features other fun attractions such as the UAE’s only Mirror Maze, The 5D/7D Cinema, Trampoline, and more. Experience an all-round fun adventure at the fully air-conditioned indoor facility only at Dubai Dolphinarium.

Timings of Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphinarium

Opening Hours of Dubai Dolphinarium: Dubai Dolphinarium Opening Hours are between 10:00 AM to 07:30 PM from Monday to Saturday.

Best Time to Visit Dubai Dolphinarium: Being a famous attraction among locals and tourists alike, the Dubai Dolphinarium is packed with people during the weekends. Thus, it is advisable to plan your visit during a weekday. The Dolphinarium hosts various animal shows for the visitors. So, schedule your visit according to the Dubai Dolphinarium timing for each show. As the Dolphinarium is a fully air-conditioned indoor facility, it is not affected by weather conditions. Hence, anytime is the best time to visit Dubai Dolphinarium.

Dubai Dolphinarium Show Timings: If you are curious about the show timings of Dubai Dolphinarium, then make sure to pin this easy-to-remember list.

  • Dolphin and Seal Show: A 45 minute show at 11:00 AM, 2:00 PM, and 6:00 PM from Monday to Saturday
  • Exotic Bird Show: The show takes place at 12:15 PM, 3:15 PM, and 7:15 PM from Monday to Saturday
  • Swim with Dolphins: At 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 3:00 PM, and 4:00 PM from Monday to Saturday.
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Facilities at Dubai Dolphinarium

Gift Shops: Take home a souvenir from the gift shop at Dubai Dolphinarium to remember the fond memories of your visit. Toys, clothes and gifts are widely available at the shop.

Parking: Avail the benefit of free parking at Creek Park Gate 1 on a first-come, first-served basis.

Restaurant: Happy Valley Restaurant inside Dubai Dolphinarium has delicious Asian dishes, beverages and snacks to satisfy your taste buds.

Baby Changing Rooms: Baby Changing Rooms can be found in all washrooms in the facility.

Wheelchair Accessibility: Wheelchair accessibility is available, along with special access seating.

Prayer Room: Prayer rooms can be easily found adjacent to the main Dolphinarium building.

Free WiFi: You can enjoy free wi-fi at Dubai Dolphinarium by logging in using your Facebook accounts.

Photos: You can get your pictures clicked or let the staff record a video of your interaction with the dolphins, seals and exotic birds at the dolphinarium. You can even get a digital copy of the same later.

Location & How to Reach Dolphin Dolphinarium

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Location: Creek Park Gate 1, Umm Hurair 2 Street, Bur Dubai, Dubai, UAE. The Dubai Dolphinarium location is right behind Dubai Health Care City in Creek Park.

How to Reach: Located in Creek Park, Dubai Dolphinarium is a well known attraction in Dubai, thus, reaching the location is easy. You can choose to hail a taxi, go by metro or take your own car when deciding how to reach Dubai Dolphinarium.

1.) By Taxi: If you choose to travel by taxi, then an RTA taxi will be easily available from any part of Dubai. The taxi will take you straight to Dubai Dolphinarium, located behind Health Care City Centre in Creek Park. An option to book an Uber or Careem is also available in Dubai.

2.) By Metro: Take the Green Line to Dubai HealthCare City station. Then, you can either take a taxi or walk to Dubai Dolphinarium.

3.) By Bus: Travelling by bus is also a convenient option in Dubai. To reach Dubai Dolphinarium, get down at the Creek Park Main Gate, which is just a minute walk away from Gate 1 of Dubai Dolphinarium.

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Know Before You Go Dubai Dolphinarium


  • At Dubai Dolphinarium, there are specific instructions that need to be kept in mind for each segment of the Dolphinarium. Please read through all of the instructions before walking in. These instructions are also available on the Dubai Dolphinarium's official website.
  • If you intend to swim at Dolphin Planet, you should bring an extra piece of clothing and towels with you.
  • Those who are afraid of water should avoid swimming.
  • A responsible adult must always accompany children.
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FAQs Of Dubai Dolphinarium

Why is the Dubai Dolphinarium so famous?

The Dubai Dolphinarium hosts the UAE’s only interactive Dolphin show and the only Exotic birds show in the region. The unique fully air-conditioned facility is home to the most unique indoor family entertainment activities which make it one of the most loved attractions among tourists.

What facilities are available at Dubai Dolphinarium?

Dubai Dolphinarium is equipped with plenty of facilities to make your visit convenient and worry-free. Free wi-fi, prayer rooms, free parking and baby changing rooms are some of the facilities available at the Dolphinarium. In addition, there is a restaurant and a gift shop inside. The place is wheelchair friendly with special access seating.

What are the things to do at Dubai Dolphinarium?

A place full of entertainment and adventure, the Dubai Dolphinarium has a variety of unique and exciting activities like the Dubai Dolphin and Seal Show and Exotic Birds Show in addition to the following:

Swim with the Dolphins: Experience a one-of-its kind adventure as you swim and play with the dolphins as well as hug and interact with them. The whole activity takes place under the guidance of professional experts, so you can enjoy your time without any problems. The immersive 20 minute experience will definitely put a smile on your face.

Mirror Maze: Step into UAE’s only mirror maze where you will have to find your way out with exceptional skills while having lots of fun with your companions.

Trampoline: The adventurous activity will relax you and your senses as you let yourself free on the trampoline. Children above the age of 7 can do this activity with proper safety gear.

What should I wear to the Dubai Dolphinarium?

All visitors shall wear decent and proper clothing when visiting the Dubai Dolphinarium. All guests are required to wear a mask as well in response to the pandemic situation.

Where is the Dubai Dolphinarium?

The Dubai Dolphinarium is located at Creek Park Gate 1, Umm Hurair 2 Street, Bur Dubai, Dubai, UAE. It is situated right behind Dubai Healthcare City Centre. One can easily take a taxi or choose to go by metro or bus when deciding how to reach Dubai Dolphinarium.

How much is it to swim with the dolphins in Dubai?

The Swim with the Dolphins show ticket is priced at AED 475 for the shallow experience and AED 630 for the deep swimming experience per person.

Where in Dubai Can I swim with dolphins?

To swim with the Dolphins, make your visit to the Dubai Dolphinarium, the only place where you can interact with the dolphins on an ultimate level.

What are the dining options at Dubai Dolphinarium?

Inside the Dubai Dolphinarium, you will find the Happy Valley Restaurant serving Asian Inspired food, great snacks, beverages and affordable meals. The mouth-watering dishes will not only satisfy your taste buds but also your budget. The restaurant can serve a large group of upto 150 people as well. It is open to people who do not have a ticket for the dolphinarium or are just visiting the Creek Park to enjoy a day of tranquillity, in addition to all entrants of Dubai Dolphinarium.

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