Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphinarium

Swim Cum Play with Dolphins. Enjoy Seal Show and Spend Your Day to the Fullest
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About Dubai Dolphinarium

Get the most amazing experience of your life amid the fascinating creatures of the sea and the sky at the Dubai Dolphinarium. The Dubai Dolphinarium, which is situated in Creek Park, allows you to enjoy some relaxing time with the magnificent dolphins and seals. It has something for everyone, starting from amazing dolphin and seal shows, to the bewildering mirror maze and 3d shows. With the in house gift shop, take a piece of dolphin themed item back home for your loved ones and make their day. Grab delicious meals at the Happy Valley, the beautiful in house restaurant. Everything this place boasts will fascinate you and bring you closer to the creatures dwelling in the sea.

Gain various experiences here at the Dolphinarium Dubai. Swim with the dolphins and fulfill your childhood desire. Dance to trendy tunes with the majestic creatures and watch them do fun tricks. Spend some time with exotic birds and feed them with your own hand, gaining their affection. Have a gala time here with your entire family in the fascinating Dubai Dolphinarium.

Dubai Dolphinarium Experiences

Dolphin and Seal Show Dubai Dolphinarium
Dolphin & Seal Show
  • Watch the cute dolphins and seals perform on the orders of their trainers.
  • Witness them dance to popular tunes, perform various acts, juggle and jump through rings.
  • Be fascinated by how intelligent these animals are in reality and get to know more about these adorable creatures.
  • Watch them paint using their noses and clap as they proudly display their masterpiece.
  • Watch your kids interact with these dolphins and seals in these interactive shows and watch them bond with each other.
  • Get sloppy kisses from these sweet hearted creatures in the middle of the show.
  • Stay for this 45 minute show, and fall in love for a lifetime.
  • The show is held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 11 am, 2 pm and 6 pm. However, the prices vary for both Regular Seats and VIP Seats.
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Exotic Bird Show
Exotic Bird Show
  • Catch the 30 minute special Creek Park Exotic Bird Show at the Dolphinarium Dubai.
  • Watch exotic species of birds from all across the world, starting from Steller’s Sea Eagle, to the Australian lovebirds and parakeets.
  • Watch them perform various tricks for you which will definitely prove the theory of ‘Bird Brain’ wrong.
  • Watch this vibrant spectacle with your loved ones and give your kids a chance to enjoy the lap of nature and bond with these exotic and beautiful species of birds.
  • Capture your beautiful moments with the Steller’s Sea Eagle, one of the most mightiest birds of prey, as well as the elegant Harris Hawk.
  • Take part in the numerous sessions of feedings which will enable you to get even closer to the birds and make them like you even more.
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dubai dolphinarium
Interact with Dolphin at Planet
  • Swim with the adorable dolphins at the Dubai Dolphinarium.
  • Get hugs and sloppy kisses from the sweethearts of the sea.
  • Feed them fishes and watch how they shower you with affection.
  • Experience a belly ride with the dolphins and dance with them as they shake their heads to the trendy tunes.
  • Under the supervision of experts, get up and personal with dolphins and experience their lovely world.
  • Learn more about these lovely sea creatures and fall in love with their world!
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dolphin mirror maze.jpg
Mirror Maze
  • Mirror Maze, one of the most beloved attractions offered by Dubai Dolphinarium, is a bewilderment of its sorts.
  • It is an attraction which will take you across a confusing maze filled with reflecting mirrors, making you question your own reality.
  • Make your way out of this dizzying labyrinth and prove your bravery.
  • Challenge your friends to compete with you and have a blast with your friends group.
  • Kids opting for this challenge must have an adult with them, as the confusion of this maze might be overwhelming for them.
  • You could also take fascinating pictures to adorn your Instagram feed and boast about your Dubai trip in front of your friends.
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Dana's Diner
Dining & Shopping
  • Shop at the in house gift shop of the Dubai Dolphinarium and bring home various gifts for your family and friends.
  • Buy various dolphin themed items from the gift shop and enhance your collection.
  • Purchase various souvenirs to reminisce about the special moments of your trip.
  • Grab a meal at the in house restaurant named Happy Valley.
  • Choose from an extensive menu and give a treat to your taste buds.
  • Relax and catch a breath amid the beautiful interiors of the restaurant.
  • Click pictures of your delicious meals for your food blog and give reviews on Instagram.
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Why You Should Visit Dubai Dolphinarium?

dolphin show.jpg
  • If you are a water lover and have dreamt of swimming with the dolphins since you were a child, Dubai Dolphinarium is the place where your dreams will come true.
  • This establishment not only brings to you the chance of swimming with the dolphins, it also boasts numerous shows featuring both the seals and dolphins as well as various exotic birds from different parts of the world. The shows have the dolphins doing all sorts of tricks, starting from jumping through hoops to dancing on songs, to giving spectators kisses.
  • The exotic birds show is interactive and helps you see these rare species of birds up close.
  • The feeding sessions enable kids and adults alike to feed the birds with their own hands, and then again lets them give you kisses and sit on your shoulder, and even on your head!
  • Numerous other shows such as Trampoline, Mirror Maze and 5D/7D Cinema will steal your hearts.
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Know Before You Visit Dubai Dolphinarium

Here's how you can plan your visit to Dubai Dolphinarium

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Location & Best Time to Visit
How to Reach

Location - Riyadh Street, Inside the Creek Park Gate 1 - Dubai Dolphinarium Building - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Opening Hours - 10 am - 7.30 pm (closed on Tuesday)

Best time to Visit - The best time to visit Dubai Dolphinarium is during the winter months of November to March. You should definitely visit during the afternoon as the crowd is less and hence you will be able to take full advantage of your tickets.

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FAQs of Dubai Dolphinarium

What is the best time to visit the Dubai Dolphinarium?

The best time to visit Dubai Dolphinarium are the winter months of November to March. The place is less crowded and hence you would be able to enjoy the attractions of the Dubai Dolphinarium without it being sold out or too congested.

Why is the Dubai Dolphinarium so famous?

The Dubai Dolphinarium is the first indoor, temperature-controlled dolphinarium in the Middle East. Bottlenose dolphins and fur seals both perform, somersault, play ball, and leap over hoops to show off their skills. If you enjoy cute sea animals, you will fall in love with this location even more.

Which shows are there to watch in the Dubai Dolphinarium?

1.) Dolphin & Seal Show - If you love the cuddly creatures of the sea, such as dolphins and seals, this 45 minutes show is guaranteed to fascinate you. You will be able to watch numerous dolphins and seals perform acts, dance around, jump through hoops and so much more!

2.) Creek Park Exotic Bird Show - Watch numerous exotic birds perform the most exotic feats of acts for your entertainment. Get to watch theme birds up close and participate in various feeding sessions to feed these birds with your own hands.

3.) Dolphin Planet: Swim With Dolphins - Make your dreams come true in the Dolphinarium! Swim with these lovely creatures and get a hug and a kiss if they like you back. Under the guidance of experts, have a wonderful time and cherish this moment of bonding with animals.

How long is the dolphin show at Dubai Dolphinarium?

The dolphin show at Dubai Dolphinarium is about 45 minutes long filled with acts of dolphins and seals. During this show, you will get to connect with the humble marine creatures as well as learn more about their behaviour.

How much is it to swim with the dolphins in Dubai?

It would cost you about 630 AED per person to swim with the dolphins in Dubai Dolphinarium.

Where in Dubai Can I swim with dolphins?

If you wish to swim with Dolphins, you could experience this at the Dubai Dolphinarium.

What are the dining options at Dubai Dolphinarium?

The in house restaurant at Dubai Dolphinarium, known as the Happy Valley, is the best place to grab a meal. The restaurant offers various cuisines which will suit your different tastes. The restaurant’s pleasant interiors will please your eyes and the tasty meals will delight your stomach.

Where is the Dubai Dolphinarium located?

The Dubai Dolphinarium is in Bur Dubai, opposite the Children's City, in the creekside park.

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