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Dolphin Show Dubai

Choose From Multiple Shows like Dolphin & Seal Shows, or Exotic Bird Performances.
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About Dolphin Show Dubai

Experience the joy of interacting with the very friendly and adorable dolphins who call Dolphin Bay their home and get your Dolphin Show Dubai tickets today. Located in Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai’s Dolphin Bay is a state-of-the-art facility and one of the most sophisticated man-made dolphin habitats in the entire world. When here, you not only get up and close with these very friendly creatures, but also learn all about the life and habits of these marine mammals.

Make the most of a Dolphin Show Dubai offer to swim alongside these button-nosed creatures, feed them with your hands, play with them, and dive with them. It is a fun-filled experience that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike as well as a great spot to spend quality time with your entire family. With trainers and instructors around at all times to guide you through your hour and a half long session, you can get first-hand insights into the dolphins’ way of life. Savor this unique experience at Dubai Dolphinarium by clicking some memorable photos with your favorite dolphin in the shallow waters of the pool or scuba diving with them in deeper waters.


Select the Best Dolphin Show Dubai Ticket

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Dolphin & Seal Show

At the spectacular Dolphin and Seal show, you get to revel in the activities and amazing skills of the cute Bottlenose dolphins and Northern and Southern American fur seals. The wonderfully friendly mammals put up an array of acrobatics and tricks for guests which you can enjoy with your Dolphin Dubai Show tickets booked online with us. Enjoy discounted rates for the Dolphin and Seal shows every Friday, Sunday and Saturday at 11am. Book a regular adult seat on these days at an excitingly exclusive price of AED 70 while for children you can book a ticket for a discounted rate of AED 40.

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Dolphin Planet: Swim With Dolphins

Enjoy the experience of a lifetime as you swim with the ocean’s friendliest inhabitants right here in the heart of Dubai. Go on a belly ride with them, enjoy dancing as well as hug and kiss the adorable creatures, along with numerous other fun things you can do at the Dolphin Planet. What’s more? You can get the best deals in your Dolphin Show tickets price if you book in advance with us and online. All you need to pay is 630 DHS for 1 person for a 20-minute slot in a group session comprising a maximum of 4 people. The deal also includes a free photo. The offer is valid for guests aged 13 years and above.

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Dolphin Show + Seal Show + Exotic Bird Show

Book your Dubai Dolphin Show tickets and get an All in One pass to enjoy a wonderful 45-minute performance showcasing some of the most exquisite and unique acrobatic skills by the amiable creatures living here. Above that, you also get to enjoy the best Dolphin Show in Dubai price if you book online with us. Book a Dolphin show at 105 AED for a Regular Adult, 50 AED for a Regular Child, 125 AED for a VIP Adult, and 85 AED for a VIP Child. For the Bird show, all you need to pay is 50 AED for an adult and 30 AED for a child. Children between the age of 2 and 11 years need to pay while for those below 2 years it is free.

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Experiences at Dubai Dolphinarium

Visit one of the world’s most elegant homes for dolphins to not only watch them perform extraordinary acrobatic tricks but also to get close to them to know them better. You can feed these friendly sea mammals, sing and dance with them, as well as swim and dive alongside them in the world-class facility.

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Dolphin Encounter

Enjoy a one-on-one with the friendliest of mammals on Earth as you waddle your way through the shallow pools of the park. This experience is specially designed for children as well as adults who cannot swim in deeper waters. It is nevertheless just as enjoyable and exciting especially when you get to hug, kiss, and play with the dolphins, getting a taste of their very cordial and loving nature. In case you hesitate to venture in the water, simply sit by the ledge and enjoy watching the dolphins frolic about just a few feet away.

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Dolphin Adventure

Put on your adventure caps and get ready to go on a ‘belly ride’ with your very own dolphin here with your Dolphin Show Dubai tickets. Just hop atop the adorable creature and hold on tight to it as it takes you on an effortless glide around the lagoon. You can revel in the exact same weightlessness and agility as the animal itself when you join forces with it and go swimming. You can also swim alongside them, love and hug them to your heart’s content as they really do not mind! The entire encounter is closely monitored by a trainer and since it is not featured in the shallow waters, only adults who can swim can partake of it.

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Royal Swim

This experience too is meant for the more confident swimmers as it does not take place in the shallow pools. In fact, the level of adventure is cranked up several notches here and you really need to be a daredevil to try this. For the 30 minutes that this adventure lasts, you can not only swim alongside the dolphin at high speed and underwater, but also stand on a boogie board while you get pushed around in the lagoon by them, and at very high speed! Apart from this, you can also spend your time kissing and embracing these creatures and taking photos with them.

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Scuba Dive

If you are craving the maximum thrill and adrenaline rush from your time at the Dolphin Bay, get into the deep waters with these majestic creatures. Swim with them below the surface of the water and feel the sprightliness and dexterity of any other aquatic creature. Once underwater, you can also touch, embrace, and kiss the dolphins there. Get the thrill of being pulled around by the dolphins while you are underwater. However, you need to be a certified scuba diver to be able to take part in this activity and diving equipment will be only provided to you by the park authorities keeping the safety of the animals in mind.

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Dolphin Photo Fun

Make lifelong memories when you are spending precious moments with the flipper gaining experiences you may never again have. Capture these memories to remind you of the delightful time by getting a photo shoot done when you are in close proximity with the dolphins. Your photography session will last 10 minutes within which time you can not only touch the lovable animals, show all your affection for them by hugging and kissing them. You can do all these without having to dip yourself in the water but by simply leaning across the ledge and interacting with them on a personal level.

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Shows at Experiences at Dubai Dolphinarium

The shows at Dubai Dolphinarium is home to not only the majestic Black Sea bottlenose dolphins, but also Northern and Southern American fur seals, and exotic birds, all of whom come together to put up exceptional shows famous worldwide. These interactive and awe-inspiring shows are the primary reason for tourists flocking here by the thousands all through the year.

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Dolphin & Seal Show

The Dolphin and Seal Show is a marvel that you can witness for the entire 45 minutes that the show lasts. Not only are the ocean creatures absolutely adorable they are also super talented and skillful which is showcased in the incredible acrobatics and stunts that they perform. The indoor interactive show features these cute animals do wondrous acts like dance, sing, play ball, juggle, jump through hoops, as well as create their very own painting masterpieces. With this show they effortlessly exhibit their talent, intelligence, and beauty to the spectators.

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Exotic Bird Show

Get your Dolphin Show Dubai tickets without a second thought if you wish to enjoy a mind blowing show put up by beautiful, colorful, and vibrant exotic birds from 20 different species. The experience is like none other as you witness the large feathered creatures fly about over your heads in their cool majestic fashion. You can expect to see an extraordinary variety of birds ranging from macaws, toucans, and hornbills. The bird show also features a wide variety of parrots like Amazon parrots and Eclectus parrots. After the show, you can also feed the birds and pose with them for a photograph particularly with the majestic Steller’s Sea Eagle.

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Dolphin Planet

This interactive program involves deep swimming with the Bottlenose dolphins which takes you to a very intimate level with the endearing creatures. Here you can not only hug, kiss, and dance with the incredible animals to your heart’s content but also enjoy a belly ride or a dorsal fin two with them. An expert trainer will be around to guide you with this experience at all times as it involves expertise and skill to interact with the mammals at deep water levels. You also learn much about nature, behavioral traits, and natural habitats.

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Mirror Maze

Make your way down a maze of full-sized mirrors for a unique and fun experience here with your Dolphin Show Dubai tickets. Walk through entire corridors of mirrors and try to figure out a way through the mind-boggling pathways. This is a great entertainer for both kids and adults made especially attractive by its challenging nature. The best aspect here is that you got an all-inclusive entertainment package for your Dolphin show in Dubai price.

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Know Before You Go For Dolphin Show Dubai

Essential Info

  1. Plan Your Visit to Dolphin Show Dubai & Enjoy a unique experience of getting up close and personal with the friendliest ocean mammals as you hug, kiss, swim, and dance with them.

  2. You can also interact with the dolphins from across the ledge without having to step into the water.

  3. Get photographed with the dolphins to save the memory for life.

  4. Learn about the behavioral traits, habitats, habits, and diets of these creatures.

  5. Go diving and deep water swimming on the belly or alongside these animals under the trained guidance of experts.

  6. Enjoy mind blowing shows featuring dolphins, exotic birds and seals where they perform exceptional tricks and acrobatics.

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Dolphin Show Dubai FAQ's

What are the things that I can do at Dolphin Show Dubai?

Get your Dolphin Show Dubai tickets to enjoy the unique experience of interacting with dolphins on a one-on-one basis. The park features a whole range of fun activities, shows, and experiences that you can choose from according to your interest and level of expertise. If you have children with you, they can enjoy standing on the sidelines or going into the shallow pools where they can embrace the loving creatures and play with them. Adults who are more confident with their swimming skills can opt to either dive or swim with the creatures underwater while interacting with them at a personal level. Enjoy the plethora of shows put up by the amazing creatures who call this park home.

How much is it to swim with the dolphins in Dubai?

To enjoy the Swim with the Dolphins experience your Dolphin Show Dubai tickets price will be 630 DHS for 1 person for a 20-minute slot in a group session. The group will comprise a maximum of 4 people. The deal also includes a free photo.

What to wear to visit Dolphin Show Dubai?

You can wear a swimming costume underneath your dress and can use the changing room facilities at the park to change.

What are the age restrictions to visit Dolphin Show Dubai?

Children between the age of 2 and 11 years can visit Dolphin Show Dubai with a child ticket. For children aged below 2 years, there is no entry ticket required. However, children below 8 years are not allowed to take part in the Dolphin Swim and Explore, the Sea Lion Dip and Play program.

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